I think I've had enough of storyboards to last me a lifetime, having finally finished all 62 of them and then scanned them into the computer, before fixing them (because they all scanned in lopsided. Thanks, Wilson's scanner..) and changing the levels and stuff on them, and then finally cropping them into individual files.

It means I can get started on my animatic very soon. Once I have a rough video from the boards I'll send them over to the guy I've got composing music, and he'll make me a sort of haphazard music file which will play over. It'll then be refined later as the short is made, to fit in properly with what's on screen, seeing all expressions and most of the tone of the film will be in its soundtrack.

I'm also writing more than I thought I did. All in all, this has been incredibly productive lately. They say your third or final year goes incredibly fast, but it doesn't, really. You get so much stuff to do that your day just can't fly by like it does when you sit on the couch and watch films all day (like what most of our work consisted of doing last year).

There's another project which needs to be done, which I've barely even started on. It's a special and visual effects project where we need to hand in a video of real life live-action footage interacting with a 3D, CGI element as realistically as possible, which is being taught through lectures and tutorials. I'm still not entirely sure what I'll be doing, but we also have to include a 4-page write up on it and a visual effects trick of our choice (woo).


I've been wanting to do a huge landscape-ish picture but I can never find the time now. However, here's a cool picture I did of Colin Mochrie and Ryan Styles based off this Whose Line clip.