Taking Shots


I spent most of the day helping to film Wilson's visual effects project. It rained like mad, and was probably the coldest day of the year so far, which made standing outside on the deck and, especially for Wils who was doing all the filming, taking shot after shot difficult but ultimately rewarding.

There was a very realistic gun involved, which we had to take some care around so we didn't cause a panic, so the deck we filmed on had notices all around the entrances consoling people that we weren't actually trying to kill each other.


What have I been doing? Very much the same thing. Although my visual effects idea is much easier, or at least, much simpler. I've just gotten it storyboarded and will have to shoot in the next couple of days as we have to return the camera by Friday. With that over and done with, there would be about three weeks before everyone starts panicking.

Good times.

Will post up my animatic (and a more interesting post) once I've got it sorted out. Then to send to Chris Button, music, sound effects and it should be finished.