Meanwhile, somewhere else


Why have I spent most of the night looking at two-bedroom aparments in New York? Seriously. I went on all kinda of websites advertising very similar apartments in the city, and then decided to look at what starting animators earned, on average, in the States.

I spent literally two hours calculating living costs and all sorts for absolutely no purpose. I'm not graduating for another year and a half, and even then I doubt I'll be moving to Stateside any time soon.

Yet, we sort of hope. We have an idyllic idea of how we want our lives to work out and dream of it and I think that's where the biggest decisions are made - do you sit and daydream about your perfect place and ideal job or do you actually try to work for it, even if it means leaving comfort zones, and working minimum wage somewhere you don't want.

To be honest, I don't want to do either. Wouldn't it be a lot easier if the good life was handed to you. Working sounds like too much, well, work. You know, I don't know where I'm going with this post, but it might be nice to look back at it in a few years' time, wherever I am, and consider how much shit changes and you just sort of go along with it.

Or, you know, I might actually be in that New York apartment, working for one of the companies I was looking at and think "I fucking knew it".