Santa and his Samurai

It's late, and I should be sleeping or whatever, but I don't have any commitments. There's a load of work I need to do by the 12th of January, which mostly involves texturing and rendering scenes on the computer, but that can all wait until after Christmas.

At the moment I'm catching up on films I've been putting off watching, things that need writing and books that need reading. In all honesty, I'm not doing a good job of that either. I remember, a while back (a very long time back) I started on this poem based on a Christmas Carol. Thing is, I only write it around Christmas time, and do about half a page. It's been two years and only am up to the part where Jacob Marley arrives. One of these days, I'll have it done.

For the Christmas Countdown this entry, here's Fatblueman's very jolly Christmas in Japan