Winged Beasts


Hey, I've been doing this blog for another year. That's yet another year more than I originally thought it would last. Look at me, actually sticking to things.

Speaking of, actually, here's some of the latest work on the Toil and Trouble short, due in by around May. I'm keeping to the schedule, for the moment, so there's no big rush at the moment.

Here's my finished Crone body, not yet rigged. I'm waiting for our lessons on CAT rigging, instead of using bipeds, which are just a huge pain in the ass

I have also modeled a winged and legged blob creature, for later on in the short. I rigged him with simple bones

And have begun modeling a second witch - the fatter, more motherly one.

... it's not finished yet, as you might have guessed. Going to work on this and the movement tests for the blob over the coming week, then I have to get onto modeling the final character.

I predict a lot of not doing much else..

Oh, and check out the new pages being added to the site, and the slight change in appearance. I'll be doing a lot more of that over time, too.