Women in Black and the Little Golden Men


The Oscars are about to start and I'm still debating whether or not to actually watch the whole thing. I've spent too much time lately sitting in front of the computer trying to rig the same things over and over again to very little avail and I reckon it's time for a break. Sooner or later I'm gonna want to throw my computer out the window and animate using shadow puppets or something.

Still, there's been some decent progress since I last updated.

Here is a render I did while working on the first few seconds of animation - the dark bit where the witches summon the blob creature out of the cauldron. I isolated the characters in the scene and began animating them individually, which is much easier than trying to do it all in within the scene.

I've been getting a lot of inspiration from that opening scene in the Sorcerer's Apprentice with Yen Sid over his cauldron.

Lots of red carpet stuff happening at the moment. Damn it'd be good to be on that one day.

I have no real inclination this year for which film to win. All of the nominated ones I've seen I've absolutely loved. I'd like to see L'Illusioniste win Best Animated Picture but I doubt that's gonna happen. it's all gonna be about Toy Story 3.

Inception's on the running for best picture. It's not gonna win. I read a great article actually on why sci-fi films never do win that.

Anyway, I'm gonna work on this other project they're making us do. A fully animation-based one where we have to make a scene based off one of four sounds they give us. It looks like fun and it's a welcome distraction from the main project but we don't have a lot of time for it. I'll post up about it more in detail later.

For now, I'm gonna sit back, and watch people win awards in filmmaking.

Hey, that's future me in the background