Forwards Looking

Been doing a lot of actual animation lately. Hooray. Now with the rigging out of the way (well, sort of), it's just now down to putting things in scenes and making them move how I want. It's painstaking, in that each movement has to be timed, positioned, tested and then tried again if it doesn't look right, and that all takes a long time because of how complex some of the scenes are - and with so many polygons and objects in the single scene, my computer has a bit of a hard time showing it all in real time playback.

It's a long, annoying process, but it's totally worth it. I think.

Here's something I've been doing for Toil and Trouble - it's taken a few hours for this one single thing, but it looks about as good as I had hoped. It's the fifteenth storyboard in my scene animated out.

I've done a couple of others too, but haven't uploaded them to anything yet.

Moving along to the second deadline - which is in about ten days - I've almost finished this. Done more since I uploaded, namely involving the puppet swinging about wildly and then collapsing, but still have to finish all actions for the second character, as well as include some strings for the puppet. Here's what it's looking like right now:


I've also been trying to start a new short story, but there's just not enough time right now. Maybe when I'm more confident in my ability to finish this on time.

I want to post up one more video to end on a quite optimistic note - which I saw on the Time website. It won't let me embed, annoyingly, but here it is. It's, among the death and destruction, a quite heartwarming story about a father's trek to find his missing daughter in Sendai.