The Light Fantastic


Three weeks until the deadline, I've got all of the raw footage I need for Toil and Trouble. All I need to do now is special effect work - mostly Harry Potter-esque spells which, once I've learnt how to do them, shouldn't take too much time. It's a part of the film I've had to take a lot of care to get right - including adding the same green light to every scene where these spells are fired.

I have to be out for a few days over Easter, annoyingly, as I have to attend a baptism and go be a godfather, which is a very nice thing, but it takes a huge chunk of time off of my schedule to work, so I've been doing more than I planned over the last few days. I think the effort's paying off though. I uploaded a near-finished version of it to Vimeo the other day, but I may as well wait until I have the whole thing over and done with before posting it up. I'll be pretty glad - some of it I may not be too pleased with, but there are some really good sequences I'm quite proud of and I'll be putting into my showreel.

I'll soon have plenty of time to work on other projects - in May, when this is over, we'll still have some other coursework, but none of it will be anything really taxing, not like this, and so I'll be able to do all kinds of things I've been putting off. I have an idea for a few stories I want to write, and will be looking forward to getting something else done. Maybe even, once I've recovered from this, another project in 3D.

Here's an example of the credits sequence I've been doing. It's going to be still frames with text on:

That site there,, was a huge life saver throughout this project. I recommend it to anyone looking for free foley sounds to use in films or animations. They have, for the most part, almost every kind of sound and the collection keeps growing. You need to sign up but it's well worth a visit

I've got some sketches I was going to scan and post, but those can wait. I'll be glad to get this all finished with. It's been fun, but incredibly stressful too. Really can't wait to see the finished piece.

Anyway, I should leave you with some interesting clip or whatever I found online, but I can't think of anything, so I'll leave you with this very fascinating full stop.