Beyond Blogosphere

-- Well, here we are. I spent far more time over the last few days redesigning the entire site, when I originally just wanted to plan it, for a bit of fun. That became a massive overhaul of design and while the general layout stayed the same, I went for something a bit lighter in tone and wider. I think it looks a lot better now, with more room to breath and a lighter colour scheme. The official url isn't theinflamedtime anymore, although that is the url for the blog like it always is. Instead, for a front page I went for (you can access it from the top link there marked "front page"). I think it's a more professional name, and once on it, you don't get the blog all in your face. Plus, clicking on the front graphic, instead of directing you to the blog like it was originally supposed to, now brings you to the gallery page, again because I want to emphasise the animation aspect of it all.

On the first post I called it a writing blog and, for a while, it was. I named it (A Quoi) after a short story I wrote and coloured it in the themes of a city at night (black-dark blue and orange) but that kind of got a bit lost over time. Check out my Twitter page for the image I made that inspired the entire thing.

Anyway, I sort of figured that it was something that had been kinda lost over time, and I wanted to bring it back. Thus, my early 20th century lamp post graphic. I like it, it emphasises my like for film noir and Chandler novels, and explains why most of the blog is a dull grey.

So there we go. A newer, less blogg-ish and more animation-themed site. I think it's looking good, and as usual, I will probably keep working on it over the year. I'll post up a comparison between the old blog and the new one below.

I'll be back next week, with some more updates on the projects I'm working on.

Hey, this is my first post with the new design

Goodnight, everyone!

Oh yeah, definitely better