Present progressive planning


It occurs to me that I'm in Sheffield for only about thirty more days before I have to pack everything and go home over the summer. Yeah, it's that story again.

Strictly speaking, I'll be coming back next year for my fourth and masters year. But for the last time. It may seem a bit forward-thinking to be considering this time next year, but things like that almost always happen faster than expected.

After all, I can't really bring *all* of this stuff back to Cornwall. I probably have too much now to all fit in a single car trip. Besides, moving it all down to the very south of the country might seem a bit counterproductive, considering I won't be spending a great deal of time there. But this raises another question, in that will I be going home at all or moving straight to wherever I want work?

Best not to think so much about it.

Right now, my problems lie with finding a way to transport my computer back with me on the train. It sounds like a bit of a pain, and, well, it is. I'm gonna have to get one of those huge suitcases which get in everyone's way.

I've got so much set over the summer (I have a tendency to set overly large goals and see how they turn out) that it would be a nuisance to lose function of this, replaced by a netbook or something.

See, I'd love to finish the comic (although that's going slower than expected, with the eleventh page taking me four days to do), and this sci-fi chase scene I want to animate. I'm not sure what it's gonna be about, but I'm thinking a mindless action sequence in this sci-fi library with moving platforms-area.

... I dunno. Free time is amazing, you can just make any old crap up and if it doesn't work, then the hell with it, it was never anything serious anyway.

Speaking of, I've managed to get John Janzen, the main guy behind band Fatblueman on board for making music for next year's project. We've been talking in emails, and it seems pretty likely. If only I can think of what to do.

I'm sure something'll come up. But until the time for me to pack everything up and leave, I'll have fun making any old junk