Settling in for the summer is always a difficult thing to do. You have to sort of rewrite how you work, now that you're no longer driven by any actual deadline. It's a case of making yourself do something - reach means to an end - or do nothing for several months and watch clouds go by or something. And it's so easy to slip into the latter.

Thankfully I'm organising myself with a pretty good regime, at least I think so (or hope so). As I've written about before a few times, I'm still going with that comic, although now it's going slightly slower than usual (about two and a half pages a week) but I'm up to the final chapter now and I definitely see it be done by the end of August.

The other thing I'm doing to keep myself busy is working out the story for a new animated short. I've gone through several ideas, stories involving aliens, trumpets, antichrists but I can't quite make up my mind yet. I'm currently thinking the alien one is gonna work best but I'm still ironing out the story, and won't be posting any details till at least September anyway, when I've got everything sorted out a bit clearer.

I posted last time that I deleted all the graphics from my blog, down to the buttons and banners and everything. I've managed to get everything back to normal, save for the images accompanying posts, which I've redone up until July 2010. So there's that (up until February 2009) to do. But with any luck it won't take long to do.

Here is a picture of an older idea, which was a pretty basic render with a lot of Photoshop work over the top. It looks more like a blues album. There's a hat I made, the render and then the finished piece.

And here's the design for the alien character for the other idea, and a few of the stages its been through.

Until next time, blog!