The Land that Forgot about Time

Somehow, here, I'm too distracted. I don't know why but it's annoying. I spend hours which I should be using to work or whatever reading the latest news on The Dark Knight Rises or Arkham City (by the way the gameplay looks incredible, better than Arkham Asylum, and I love the Catwoman gameplay too), or catching up on image blogs or Youtube subscriptions or, you know, just helping around the house. Either way I've got a strange schedule going on which I can't seem to regulate; I blame Cornwall. Time seems to go strangely here.
I'm in two minds about the level of productivity I've been achieving the last week and a half. On one hand, I think I could have done a lot more, but on the other, the last three pages of comic (which I've been doing much slower than normal) are probably the three best pages, artwise, that I've done in the whole thing.
That's a splash page I started and finished today. See it's not a case of me taking more time to make the pages look better or anything, I just spend days where I don't do anything. I think I'm just getting better at the whole thing. (btw I'll reupload the whole thing somewhere when I'm finished. Still editing previous pages too).
I've also done a few bits of concept art and begun modelling an alien for next year's animated project which, I think is fair to say now, is definitely not the Usurper.
Here's an image, I'll get into the details in a few months when we begin pre-production and all
On the left is the original concept, which I blogged about last week, in the middle is a newer sketch I did today (as part of set to work on his costume which I'll be doing this week hopefully) and on the right is one of my first renders where it looked vaguely like I wanted it to.
Here's what it's looked like three days ago followed by what the most recent render (which I put in the Toil and Trouble cottage because I wanted to see how transparent his back fin was and how the whole thing looked in the natural lighting setup I had created).
Right now everything's still renders. I've still to type a script and come up with a title, but that will come in due time.