The Trouble with Trumpets


Still struggling with an idea for September. I know I have plenty of time, but it's best to get things started soon. I wanted to have a trumpeter as my main character for the story I'm planning, but the guy I got to do music can't do the trumpet, which is fine. It just means I'll have to think of something else, or change it to violin.

Even then I don't even have a decent plot or anything. Just vague ideas and imagery I wanna include. It's tough, because I wanna do something that isn't just some chase scene but everything I think of requires development of character something i don't have the modelling skills or the time or the running time to really do. It would have to be something shallow that's a fun story, but none of the ideas I'm coming up with really lend themselves to that.

For what it's worth though, I did end up finishing the trumpet, and I wanna get a pseudo-teaser, like I did with Spring-Heeled jack last year to keep me going (although I remember how far that idea went...)


Also took a week off from doing the comic, having finished the first chapter. It's available on Megaupload here but whether or not that still works I have no idea. Back into it, now, but it's taking a long time, longer than I thought. I think I just need to get back into the swing of it.

Soon this apartment will be packed and emptied. I'm not looking forward to that. But September will roll along soon enough and we can start it all over again.

For the moment, I'm gonna enjoy the last couple of weeks by relaxing in bed and watching Fudoh: the Next Generation