Painting Pixels

Eesh, I haven't posted anything on here in a little while, probably mainly because I haven't all that much happening. Still in the summer holidays there are about three weeks now until I move back up and start my final year, a year I still am not prepared for at all. But we'll get there when we get there.
While I should have been working on my 3DS Max or, heaven forbid, Maya work, I've been doing a lot of Photoshop painting and drawing lately. Gotta admit, I'm loving the progress I've done since I started this "painting" style.
Firstly, a picture of my friend Gill in a zombie survival setting. I made it because she thought it would be cool to have a picture of herself like that. Whatever.
This second one I drew for a Twitter follower, as a thank you for sending me something she painted herself. It was an art exchange, but I got lazy and thought to send it electronically.
It's sushi, because I didn't know what else to do.
By the way, if those images aren't loading if you click on them, go to my gallery tab and check them out in my "Photoshop Work" slideshow
I wish there was more I could be saying about things, but nothing is happening. I'm almost at the finishing point of the comic I've been doing since April and the first chapter is up on my Google Plus page, I dunno if I've mentioned that before. But there it is.
This is a part of what I've just done tonight:
And I'm still working through various ideas for an animated piece for next year.
There'll be a lot more on that in the future, and there were some articles I was gonna link that I found interesting, about animation and stuff, but I dunno what they are anymore. So for the moment, I'm gonna say goodnight