Attempted Mayhem

Have been spending a lot of time working on developing ideas, concepts and themes for Once a Thief - a short animated piece about two burglars who plan on stealing a huge diamond from a museum. OK, well that's not entirely true. I spent most of the last week watching TV with my flatmate. A few days back, we ended up watching four different variations of Batman serialised for television. The 60s series was playing on TV and we had the DVDs for Batman the Animated Series, The Batman and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Yeah that was a productive day. However, we were witness to Batman asking the Penguin to "surrender that gigantic pie!" (Alfred was inside) and the Penguin being put on trial for "attempted mayhem".

The sixties were a different time.

But I have done work towards Once a Thief. It hasn't all been a waste of time.There's been a script drafted, and am currently editing it, as well as a fair few concept sketches and technical notes on both how it should look, how it should be animated, and what skills I'd need to have in order to do it.

Here are the two main characters. (Their names, at least for production purposes only, are Flambeau and Raffles, named after  G. K. Chesterton's gentlemen thief character M Hercule Flambeau and  E. W. Hornung's Arthur J Raffles.
Ideally, I want them to have a Daffy Duck-Porky Pig relationship, but it's gonna be difficult to establish anything less than a straight man-funny man comedic relationship. We'll see how it goes, but ideally Flambeau will be a bit of a jerk who takes things a bit too seriously and the potatoey Raffles will be a bit softer, denser but still have something about him to make Flambeau pick him as his partner in crime.

So there's that. Later I might also put up some sketches and soon I'll start working on the environments - both on pencil and in 3DS Max. A lot to do and the year has barely begun. 

Damn, I still need to find a job too.


And with the year having barely begun, this also means all the new fall shows which are on. And Community, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and How I Met your Mother have started out amazingly. Here's hoping others like House and Bored to Death will too.

If you guys aren't watching the new season of Philly, well you're missing out: (I actually wanted to post the montage from last week's episode but couldn't find it anywhere)

I really dig the new posting layout on Blogger now.