Square one


Oh, blog, it's been weeks and I haven't posted anything of interest. Blogger's even managed a whole turnaround of design in my absence too. But during my disappearance from you I've been figuring out a lot of things to move me forward in this final year of study. I've once again settled on a more solid idea for a story- a short one currently called Once a Thief about two thieves who try to steal a rare diamond, with one taking it far too seriously - and reckon this'll be the one that sticks. A first draft of script has been written, and a few preliminary sketches concepting the two main characters done. Next post I might throw in some images and a more detailed plot. By that time I hope I'll have done another draft.

We have classes starting soon, and some of them actually seem like they might be useful to us. It's been, as previously mentioned, a bit of a mixed few years, just with the sheer volume of useless classes and disorganisation the school has shown. But, well, we'll see how this one goes. I'll also need to find a job or something soon but it's pretty slim pickings around here.

So I'm looking everywhere. The first month back is always pretty easy, so I'll have more time for job-searching now, and relaxing, now that all those new fall shows are back on.

So here's a little something I'm gonna leave you with. It's comedy geniuses BriTANicK. They've done a lot of comedy sketches over some years now and you don't already know them, you're missing out. Here's one of my favourites: