Time Off From Nothing


This is gonna be my first ordinary blog post, one that isn't a 30 Day Drawing Challange (that's coming up in a minute), in a long time. And there have been a few reasons I guess for me not having posted anything. Simply, there's been a lot going on over the last week and a bit. Lots of things to do, but not enough things to talk about.

There's been development in Once a Thief, but not enough to say, and nothing really visual to show. Up until the other day, when I managed to score myself a collaborator on the project. Andras Ormos is his name, and you can find his youtube channel here. It's pretty good stuff. He knows a lot about the technical side of things, like rigging and rendering, and I know the pre-production, writing and drawing side of it. We're gonna share the modelling and animating bits though.

I'm gonna get some modelling done this week, and post it up on the blog, as well as some thumbnail storyboards. Tomorrow we're going to meet up and work those out. It's looking good.


Still no job found though, although I did a couple of days of student ambassador, which was spent showing open day prospective students the labs and the library and all of that. Slow stuff, but pretty good fun.

I'd probably be getting a lot more work done if I wasn't spending all my time playing Dragonball games on the PS2, or watching Mad Men, or Breaking Bad. But it's all so much fun. And soon everything will be too hectic to do all those things.  We've already had two new classes - a life drawing one, which is a blast, and a character animation one, which is, well, also a blast. Every week we have to animate a character doing a certain task. This week it's just a walk cycle, so it's not gonna be the hardest thing, but it's gonna get tougher no doubt, so I want to get all these TV shows out of the way (of course, we're not counting all the great fall shows which have returned to our screens, including the incredible Bored to Death).

That and I have a feeling come Friday, I'll be doing but playing Arkham City. Damn, so much for growing up.