Before You Know It


It's great when things get done, isn't it? It's even better when the deadlines aren't looming closer and closer, and you're left wondering if you'll get it all done in time, but it's still pretty great.

Christmas is coming, which is pretty cool, up until you realise that the end-of-semester hand-ins are due, too. And there are so many of them. Character animations - of which I'll post up here soon and on youtube - which are just basic animations of a rigged character or a simple CAT doing whatever task we were told to are always fun to upload, and get feedback on. It's also fantastic practise for the upcoming project Once a Thief which needs some serious speeding up if I'm to get the animatic finished in two weeks.

Then there's the life drawing module, which is actually pretty decent indeed. We've only had the one model so far, which is a bit of a pain because we were promised more than just the one, but I'm not complaining. It's still excellent practise for later on. Every week I seem to be getting better and although it doesn't seem to be noticeable at first, looking back, I see it's done a world of difference. It's certainly going to help with the main film, that's certain (I now find I have to draw out the key poses before I can animate. It grounds the actions so much better than if I were to do it straight onto the computer).

Here's some work from Once a Thief that's been happening while I haven't been blogging:

Models are all mine - texturing is being done by Li (and he also is tweaking the models of the characters to make them look better, too). And although this one character took me way long than I thought it would, I'm glad I have him done. It's a bit of a motivator to get the others done too. 

Also storyboard. Guh. Those are taking forever, but they need to be worked on soon, and animatic-ised to be sent so I can get a music sample to show.



Maybe I shouldn't be, but I can't help trying to do things on the side as well. I have a sci-fi noir story  I really want to write, but have no time (that I know I won't finish anyway). And a couple of Christmas things I want to get done, too, before it's too late and I have to wait until next year.

I'll see how things progress, with this blog as my ever faithful recorder of failure. At least Once a Thief is looking good so far.