Creative Outsourcing


It's certainly been a pretty busy week or two. Somewhere I stopped playing Arkham City (which was a great game, by the way, and the challenges certainly live up to their name) to work on uni stuff. My main project for the year, Once a Thief, is going well. Thumbnails have been worked out, a story has shaped itself, and the characters are developing more and more. We have another member on the team, too, which is a big relief, because he's really into modelling and texturing, and if he wants to take on the bulk of all the masses of models we need, then who am I to stop him? He's the best man for the job, anyway, that Li, and András and I have our hands full doing other work. The guy's been a great help so far. He's been doing a stand-up job, for example in creating this zip line launcher gun:

from my rather less-than-amazing concept of a zip line launcher gun.

Not bad, right? And we have arsenals of thieving gear and museum rooms filled with priceless objects to make, so we can't be wasting any time. We need as many models made as soon as possible basically. I can imagine we'd even start animating (according to schedule) while still making models for later scenes. Best get cracking.

I've spent a lot of this doing designs and concepts, letting my team members work on getting physical stuff done based on the stuff I'm feeding them. Concepts and pre-visualising being key, because we don't want to waste all of our time making models that don't look even remotely right. 

Same goes for lighting and texturing, so I've started painting on Photoshop things like this, so we know what kind of look we want. (Maybe have less of Jack-o-Lantern glow in the head, for example).

It'd be great if that was the only thing I had to do this year, but as usual we have two other classes - not nearly as heavy duty as this - but important nonetheless. Thankfully they're both pretty fun, intuitive classes; life drawing and character animation. It's nice to see we don't have any pointless addon classes like we've been given every year so far.


I'm wasting all my time blogging, when I should be doing some of this stuff. I said I was gonna model the main characters, so I should get started on that. Thankfully I don't have any more of this 30 Day Drawing Challenge business to do, which is saving me a couple of hours on my days. Only now I really want to write something.