I Am the Draw-lrus

Nothing screams busy schedule like a blog post at five thirty in the morning. I should be updating this more often because there's so much happening each week that I can never be bothered to post all about it at these sporadic intervals, plus it would help to document when everything was done, which will be incredible useful when it comes to writing the inevitable reports and talking in the presentations which will no doubt come up soon.

More Once a Thief stuff now. Here's a basically finished version of our first character. It's looking a *lot* better than it was before, thanks to Li's skills in ZBrush.

Some of the colours are a bit off still, such as the jeans (which should be a lot darker, if not black), as well as his hair which should be a darker shade of brown too. But I'm really liking how it's going. Big thumbs up to my team for working the character to how he is, considering my lackluster base model.

But there's been no time for me to work more on models. Been storyboarding like a madman, and I only finished today. I'll spend tomorrow cropping them and Saturday putting them into an animatic, with AndrĂ¡s to help with the timing.


And that's not the only thing due in soon. A day before the animatic presentation, there's a lot of life drawing stuff we have to hand in, which isn't going to be most difficult thing, but it'll take an afternoon or two to finish, so I have to consider it while I do everything else (including the character animation module, which is taking up a lot of my time as well).

Instead of bore you with traditional life drawing pictures, here are ones I did when I got bored of drawing the same person over and over again:

This is of Twitter-friend @catacoma and whose art is totes worth checking out because it's pretty good

And this is a rushed attempt at drawing River Tam from Firefly, for my girlfriend.


I should be all drawn out by now, but it's odd, as we progress with the life drawing and I carry on with the storyboards it's been in fact inspiring me to pick up a pencil and work on something else, non course-based at all, so in the last week or so, there's just been a massive surge in pencil stuff, and also means I'm going through pencils so fast you'd think I was eating them. 


But hey, it's Christmas soon, and once all the work is handed in, I can relax, or at least make it look like I'm relaxing, all the while I'm trying to catch up on the stuff I told myself I'd have done before the holidays.

At least the apartment's looking cozy enough to relax in (and it is).

No. Nothing Christmas Countdowny this year. Too lazy.