Scroogical: Stave Five


The End of It

The bed was his own, and the room was his own
He was pleased that he was finally back alone
Not a ghost or a spirit or a spectre around
No rattling chains, no phantomly sounds
Just him all alone in his room painted grey
Bathed in the dawn light of this Christmas day
But, wait! thought our Scrooge, have I slept through it all?
He opened the window and he gave out a call
“You boy! Over there? What is today, please?”
The boy, loitering, looked at Scrooge with unease
“’Tis Christmas, you know,” he said with a shrug
And waited, expecting the old “Bah, humbug!”
Instead, though, Scrooge cheered, and spoke with much joy
“I have an errand you must run for me, boy!
“Go to the butcher’s and ask him to bring
“That turkey, that large one he has out hanging
“I’ll give you a shilling if you go there post-haste”
And watched the boy run off at a remarkable pace
Scrooge went back inside and got himself dressed
In the clothes he considered his Sunday best
He went out to street, greeting everyone well
And he heard in the distance, the Christmas church bells
The butcher arrived with the turkey in hand
Scrooge led him towards the horse-drawn cab stand
“Take this to that address!” he told the stunned guy
He gave him some money, and waved him goodbye
With Bob’s dinner done, Scrooge thought he would spend
His time and his money trying to amend
The wrongs that he’d done, now he finally learned
His tight-fistedness and his stinginess turned
The day went on like the Ghost had revealed
Only now Scrooge’s presence had a better appeal
He went to the party his young nephew threw
With each minute passing, his cheerfulness grew
Scrooge was now a changed man, he never went back
The Ghosts having set him on the right track
The ghost of Marley had come just right time
But now I’m left trying to finish this rhyme
As Tiny Tim said, (am I quoting this right?)
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Yeah, I like those last words more than Tiny Tim's actual last line

Merry Christmas, everyone!