Rigged Lips


It's been sinfully long since I've updated this blog with information relevant to what I'm doing, although what I'm doing is, more or less, a constant anyway and doesn't really need constant updates. However, since my last update, quite a lot has happened to Once a Thief (not so much my life. That's been the same for years).

To begin with, here's one of Li's renders of the environments he's been working on sans repos, in order for András and I to start animating ASAP (seriously, it needs to be *soon*, we are running out of time so badly it's crazy).

When we have this one scene it should be the head start Li will need to keep on working on new environments or models while we animate, then have them finished by the time we need to produce those scenes. That's the plan in any case, although my time management skills haven't really served me very well. Tomorrow I need to finish up so many loose ends it's crazy. There are still models of guards to finish, models of so many items and small things which always go above the radar. Then there are lines I want to re-write, as well as a couple of plot bits. Since we decided to cut out the third thief, we've had to make a couple of changes to keep the pacing up. I'll write some new bits and storyboard them and make another animatic maybe.

I've gotten into contact with comedian and actor Nick Kocher (you may know him as part of comic duo BriTANicK, and if you don't then what are you doing, go on their Youtube, watch all their videos and subscribe), as his is exactly the voice I imagined the character would have -  who has expressed interest in voicing Flambeau, which I'm incredibly thrilled about.

So today, I took a 3-second voice clip from a short film he and Brian made and animated to it, both to see how his voice fit the character and as an exercise in animating on András' rig, and in Maya which I'm pretty inexperienced in.

Have a look:

So far, so good I think. Tomorrow - walk cycles, or something similar. We're having rendering problems, and we're considering rendering at home with VRay or use Mental Ray using the university computer labs.


I'm slightly annoyed I haven't written or drawn anything in a very long time. I promise to get some stuff like that done soon, and seeing we're doing a character concept lesson this semester, it should get me back into a drawing mood. I'm thinking of doing concepts for a sci-fi noir story I've no doubt mentioned in passing on this blog some time in the past. Hopefully this will give me a bit of a push to write it.

Also, I want to tweak the site design a bit in the near future.

That's it for now, I think. I'll be back with more, soon.