Project: Ruin (Though no projects ruined)




I wish I blogged more often. There are always a bunch of cool things I want to put on the posts which I forget about as soon as I finally get down to writing an entry. Today for example I came across a teaser trailer for an animation called Ruin.

The CG is incredible - those are some incredible sets. I thought at first it was a cutscene from an upcoming video game, but it seems to be for a short film of some sort. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's going to be like at the end.


Now, onto some slightly less impressive CG. Actually I don't have any real renders to show for Once a Thief yet. We've been animating (and once we have enough in a sequence to post up I'll show you some of the playblasts) but dont' have any final renders of anything to show. Lighting has been a drag and we've only recently solved the issues. Now, of course, there are dozens of other issues but we're working around them slowly. I'm concerned, like I am every year, that we won't get it finished on time, but I've never missed a deadline, at least not for anything that important before so I don't think there'll be a problem. Still, it's time to pick up the pace a bit and get to work.

John Janzen of Fatblueman has been emailing me, saying he's still on for music, though not until April. Which will be fine because we probably won't have any finished shots until or sequences until then anyway. I just hope he can put a piece together in a couple of weeks. Nick Kocher I haven't heard from in a few weeks, but I have to assume he's still up for voices. Again, that isn't totally necessary just yet, so I'm not gonna panic for a few more weeks.


I have a bunch of concept art stuff I want to post up, too, from a module we have on right now. I've been using this sci fi story I've been half-writing as a basis. Here is a quick mockup of the four main characters. From left to right:

Dustin Warren - Part time PI, who is investigating the death of Astrid Eriksson
Francesca Fojtel - Astrid's best friend, who does not believe the police investigations, and hires Warren to dig deeper into her murder, as it seems apparent she knows about a conspiracy surrounding a satellite
Dr Yuriy Kozlov - Astrid's estranged father, a rocket engineer and astrophysicist who was behind a project to send a satellite into space to search for alien life. He disappears mysteriously just before the surprise crash return of his satellite
Astrid Eriksson - Her death serves as a catalyst for the events, and her importance is shown through flashbacks.

I'll get into more detail of the module and the characters when more of it is done


Also, I'm designing a tshirt for a competition, but not much to say on that till I come up with a good design. 

I shall resume regular posting soon! Maybe. If i can remember.