Start Motion


Blog. It's been a month since my last confession. Uh, update, rather. This one's gonna be short, and focus just on Once a Thief. There's other stuff happening but right now I really want to update but it's two in the morning and I'm exhausted.

I've done a hell of a lot of work in that time. Well, actually my team has done a hell of a lot of work finishing up all the half assed stuff I started. The past week we've started animating actual production stuff, starting with the lock-and-load scene in Flambeau's room. The vault is almost finished now so we'll get that done (and it's also worth a good half of the finished piece so it'll be good to get that over and done with ASAP). We're not going as fast as we should be, though, and I foresee a lot of sleepness nights in the near future as we try to complete everything on time. We're having rendering and lighting issues too, which is always difficult (lighting in mental ray in Maya is basically just trial and error) and it means we can't even start rendering anything now.

Here are some screenshots of the room with Flambeau in (no textures there though), and one of the vault which Li has basically finished now.

The lights are all 3DS Max VRay lights which is why they look so right. Maya is a whole other story, one I don't even understand remotely.

I think sometime soon I'll upload a mix of the playblasts and viewport grabs onto youtube and put them on the blog, to show how much progress in animation we've done. We're about 300 frames in so far, which isn't bad but it's not as ideal as I expected.


Expect more very soon on other things I'm doing, and some more in depth Once a Thief stuff