The Day the Music Took Me and Sucked Me Into Oblivion


Wednesday was the day I lived inside a music video. I actually knew what it would be like to live in the world of the music video. One where the same song plays on a loop nonstop, where you cannot leave the location of the video, where people break into mime-rap mid-conversation and everyone is drunk and you are the only person sober, watching everything as you hope that this time will be the last time the song plays.

I was helping out my mate Chris Gray who was commissioned to work on a music video. And I thought I'd waste a day because, you know, I just have way too much time to spend on things that aren't main project-related. Oh well, it was fun. A bit of an experience.

Here are some photos from the set. The guy who looks like Seth Rogen is Jay Brett, the main guy and the chavvy guy is the character Devvo.

It reached a point where all the extras were drinking when we weren't shooting and were doing actual alcohol shots on-camera and soon it became a party and it was becoming more and more difficult to control them and the guy pretending to be the anti-social chav was the most professional one of the lot. There was something almost Limbo-like about being in that room, with those people, the heat, the endless repeating song. It was definitely an experience and a half.


Very soon I'll have a sequence of animation I can post up from Once a Thief. I mean very soon, because we're running out of time. Almost finished the whole scene in the vault. And that takes up about half of the total animation, so that'll be good to get out of the way. Time is running out but I'm keeping my spirits up, because otherwise I'll be screaming at the top of my lungs from now until May the 4th.

But at least the concept art stuff is alright. Here's how the current poster piece is looking. And a more detailed picture of character Francesca Fojtel. 

Also, this happened in town:

Then I got a job interview, which I hope I'll get, at the Cineworld and found a fiver. So it's been interesting.