Quick Thieves Updates


A quick blog post, for all the latest Thick as Thieves update.

The first one is, you might notice, the change in title from Once a Thief to Thick as Thieves which is actually a phrase and makes more sense in context of the story.

Secondly, Nick Kocher has recorded and sent me Flambeau's lines which I am very, very pleased with. I'll be certain to post one online if I do lip sync tests or something. Most of the dialogue happens offscreen anyway, so I should be able to switch between them if I need to without having to change all of the facial animation.

And lastly here are some new renders, one from Flambeau's room, the other from the Vault [these are finished, with all the extra layers - ambience, blurs, etc added on and are essentially what the finished product *should* look like]:


That's essentially it for now. There's more stuff, but I thought I'd share the latest goings-on..