Rendered Useful

I didn't get the job, which was some part time Cineworld thing. it's a shame because it would have been perfect, hours-wise, for that extra cash I'd need when I graduate and start looking for an actual job. But oh well, if nothing comes up there it won't be the worst thing in the world.

Besides, right now, I have far more pressing issues to deal with, such as the impending deadline which draws nearer and nearer and threatens to drive me insane. Our renders are finally being taken care of though, and we should be able to do them in batch if we can find a room with enough free computers that won't be always interrupted with classes and other people. Here's what a finished frame looked like a week ago - they've since improved a bit and are looking better, with an ambient occlusion and depth of field.

So that's pretty awesome. Andras' work that. Only problem is that all this work he's putting in lighting and rendering means the bulk of animation is falling on me, which is pretty heavy. Here's a test render farm we made in a computer lab. If we can recreate this then it'll be pretty smooth sailing with rendering. 

And, unrelated, to end. Here's a picture of Woody Allen I drew the other day while watching Annie Hall.

And the poster from the concept art class, which I've had to heavily change to fit the teacher's criteria. I don't really like the new layout and will be working on the better version after I finish the course.