I am quick. I am nimble


I am quick. I am nimble. My heels are springs.
No flames dance when I move.
Shadows barely flicker
With my red eyes and my clawed hands
You barely notice, you don’t move, when I tear your heart from out your chest.
I dig my claws. I eat no fat. But known to eat some plums
I am a giant slayer
And when you fall I’ll tumble after you
My head is fixed
A fire burns behind my carved smile
And despite my frosty touch
My fingers work fast
I cheat you in our trades
I break crowns and steal the gold you claim
I always beat the Devil
A trickster, some people say I am
But silenced by the ripping sound
Echoing through the streets where they may have seen me leap
I jump out at you when you least expect it
I am green-eyed and green-thumbed
You might not even see my face
Servant to only two
My name is Jack