Beginning to End


 In about an hour I'm going to be heading down to London for a couple of days to sign lease papers and things for the house I'm going to live in. It'll be with my sister Pawony and her boyfriend, which is pretty decent, I guess as far as finding a new place to live in London. Relatives are pretty useful sometimes.
   It'll be a six month contract, so it won't be until January till I can move back in with my current flatmate, if it will even be possible to do so.

I'll be back up in Sheffield for another week or two after that for any goodbye parties and to live out the rest of the rent I paid on this place but otherwise I'm basically fully moved out and on my way to live an Adult Life. I hope that doesn't mean going to sleep at decent times. I hate doing that.
    Well, an adult life as far as I can do one right now. I'm not even employed. Applying everywhere but it's pretty slim pickins. It'll be some time no doubt until I find a proper industry job. Not sure what I'll do before that. Probably something awful in retail or the likes; not really looking forward to that, but gotta pay the rent somehow.

I recently updated my showreel fixing some bits and pieces, adding and deleting bits as suggested by people who know what they're talking about. Going to mail it to Double Negative when I'm done, to finish my application for a Runner position. It's embedded everywhere in my blog (the front page and the gallery page) but here it is embedded in this blog post anyway:

I'm a little bit annoyed that it's almost entirely Thieves work but they told me that that was the best stuff I had and only to put in the best things. So hopefully mixing finished renders with playblasts and things won't make it too obvious. But I think it's a bit better than my previous one. Anybody want to give me a job?

In the meanwhile I've been doing a fair bit of drawing. Here's one I did of my group of friends from Hallam:

And a picture of Wolverine, and one of the Mask


Hmm, better get out now or I'll miss my train. Till next time, y'all