The Retrospective. Sort of


So, around this time in 2008, I was in Truro and had just finished up a BTEC in Art and Design because I didn't have any high school art qualifications because when I was doing NCEA at MAGS, I didn't think I wanted to be an animator. It was only in 2005 that my chemistry teacher suggested I do it, because I sucked at chemistry and was good at drawing all over all the books, and I did. I learned some things in college, like quality of line and things like that but I also wasted a lot of time learning how to make sculptures out of trash.

That wasn't a joke on the quality of teaching at Cornwall College. They did tell us to make things out of trash. And it was a whole term. In our final year. I wish I still had the photos. Probably do, somewhere.

This was considered good Photoshopping. I don't even know what the fuck it is

Seriously, what?

College. I don't even know how that was considered learning. Well, there was quality of line, I guess.

So anyway, about this time last year I was in Truro with Harry and we went to see The Dark Knight. Before I saw Batman Begins. I loved it.

Then I went to Sheffield Hallam University, and studied for four years and got a masters in animation, but really I was just passing time until the new Batman movie came out. Just out of uni, the day after leaving our Sheffield apartment, Wilson and I saw The Dark Knight Rises, nicely bookending our education. It was an amazing film and an excellent way to finish the Sheffield saga, as Dragonball Z has taught me to call sections of life.
   I got my results back today and, despite some shaky results here and there, I passed with some sweet first class honors. Graduation is in November, and I cannot wait. Time to update the ol' CV. It was good old Thick as Thieves that got me that First, I know it, and I have Andras and Li to thank for that. Without Thieves being worth as much as it was, I'd have gotten a 2:1 or something.

So now I've moved into London with my sister and her boyfriend in a pretty nice and surprisingly big house in Plumstead, which is miles out of nowhere, but the rent is good. I need to find a job before I run out of money, which will be pretty soon, and I get kicked out. How hard can that be?

It is probably gonna be pretty tough for a while but it'll be more worth it than going home over the summer. Here there's more motivation to find a job and companies are probably more likely to hire someone whose address is in London. I'm looking forward to where this will lead and end up, and try to think where I'll be in a year, or even six months. Halfway through 2012 and it's been, well, basically what I wanted it to be, with some more disappointing moments than I'd have hoped. Still, now I'm basically starting anew so it'll be interesting to see where I'll be. It occurs to me that I started this writing a big look back, but kind of gave up. I'll try to do an actual one next time.

I want to continue writing screenplays and things in the meantime, too, as I work towards a first motion picture. Christopher Nolan, George Lucas and Peter Jackson were all 28 when they made their big screen debut, so that's a goal I'm aiming for. Can't be that hard, surely?

Till that time comes I'll keep blogging as things slowly happen. Maybe by then there won't be blogs, just direct access to journal entries made from people's minds because in six years technology will evolve a hundred years.