Do It For Her


Classic Simpsons is great television, there's no denying it. It was equal parts sharp, funny and sweet. Homer was a character who would make a terrible, idiotic decision which would result in hilarity and some sort of pathos. Sometimes something like this happens, and it's great and we remember why the show was so great:

Aww. Classic Simpsons at its finest.

It was a show that inspired others in a lot of ways. And, because this is the Internet, it gets weird. Of course it gets weird.

Famous for its bizarre niche subcultures, the wonderful net-dwellers have been so inspired as to create these, which, for one reason or another I thought to share with you. (This post is, essentially, a tweet which was far too long)

I don't know who these women are, what shows they're from, or what "it" is these people are doing for them, but, you know, whatever motivates you, right? I find them sweet, a bit like that dude who was sleeping clutching onto that framed picture of an anime girl? Only without the arrests.

Here is my favourite:

I like to think that guy is an important CEO who keeps that in his wallet. Or maybe a director who, in his Academy Award speech will thank Pinkie Pie [I had to Google that, I didn't just know it on hand] for always keeping him on track.

I'd be disappointed if these people didn't make it big. After all, they had the motivation.