Not Dead. Last I Checked


 I've just been neglecting blogging duties because, well, it's very difficult to blog when you're not actually doing anything. Maybe if this was a film review blog, or a food blog or an edgy political blog I'd have things to say, but for some reason at a point back in 2008 I decided to do a blog where I talk about very little other than things to do with me, which in retrospect is pretty vain but also it's really the only topic I know enough about to blog on, and even then I'm sketchy on a lot of the details.

But hey, you ask me, not knowing that this is pre-written and also on a screen in front of you so in no way would I be able to hear you, you must have done something right?

Probably, I reply preemptively. But I'm pretty sketchy on a lot of the details. See I'm already repeating myself here.

I've drawn a bit. Here is a picture I drew of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Or more specifically, Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, who I described in a previous upload as my favourite lady of sitcoms. That is probably true. I can't think of any others who hold a candle to her.

I also drew a birthday card, and other things, and a flyer for the Sheffield Hallam chaplaincy but damn my drawing productivity has gone down, this is something else I have to work on. They say productivity breeds productivity, so all these months of doing very little has caused me to do even more very little. It's very frustrating. In fact, I've been looking at some people who had taken drawings they did back when they sucked and redid them at their current level, which seems like a fun thing to do. I saw also someone posted this:

On a tumblr, like ages ago, which I saved. Self portrait in 16 different style. Looks like a fun thing to do when I'm bored out of my mind (which is pretty frequent, admittedly, these days)

But I'm writing a bit more. Both on that sci fi mystery which is still not past the first chapter, but also on short film screenplays (which hopefully I'll be filming with Wilson when he comes down and we can get hold of cameras from my housemate who is studying sound design), longer film screenplays I can't quite figure out, and other bits and pieces. I'm hoping at least some of these will come together eventually into something. I'm not good at finishing a lot, but every so often something comes out and I'm usually happy with it. Hopefully with access to cameras I'll have enough motivation to do stuff, even if it's nonsense and a lot of moving a camera around, just to see what happens. 
Christopher Nolan, George Lucas and Peter Jackson all made their directorial debuts at 29. So that's the age I'm setting as a goal for at least a limited release of something. That's not that impossible, right?
Been listening to Coeur de Pirate's new album a lot, which has rekindled my love for her. Seriously listen to this song, it's wonderful. Also this one. (I could do this forever). And also Amanda Palmer's which is pretty good, too. I've been listening to a lot of different music, too, including a long list of albums I've had collected about and never even played once, as I always try to find a good "mood" for something I'm writing or animating and end up making a playlist which serves as a soundtrack to the story, with songs renamed appropriate to what it corresponds to in the story. If a particular piece of music draws a particularly strong image, I tend to listen to it over and over when writing a certain scene. Before rewriting it.
Animation-wise, I've started copying what a few old classmates have been doing, and started putting rigs into famous movie poses. Here's one of my attempts:

You can kind of see it's Iron Man, right?

 Eh, that was the first time I'd used that rig.

Well, back to work. Or maybe I'll watch another film. Been doing a lot of that, especially List Films, which I'm watching with the great excuse of "well, it's like research, right?"