Every student in the Computer Zone of the Greenwich Community College library is sitting with big coats scarves and beanies on. I'm sitting behind the desk, idly surpervising them, with a heater blasting away in my direction. It's pretty nice. I guess a perk of working there (oh by the way I'm doing some temp work here until I get studio animation jobs) is that you don't get to freeze to death. That's nice.
   Well, except when I get up to help someone with their computer or printer issues, then it's time to face the Tundra.

Awful weather, considering it's not even November. There's even frost lying around the place, trying to look surreptitious. It's still too early to put up Christmas decorations, but yet doesn't seem it at all. Vendors of Halloween gear seem to have noticed this as more and more Halloween decorations share the same appearance as Christmas ones - pumpkin string lights, Halloween christmas crackers, hanging bat baubles, and so on. They have very Nightmare Before Christmas feel to them and if I was the sort of person to buy entire sets of things like that for what is essentially one day of the year (today, actually, for that matter), I would be all over them.

I don't even have time, though, now. Too tired to do anything when I get home at the end of every day and end up having to sleep early to get up at seven the next day. Wilson's coming over for a few days but we can't do much tonight (no Halloween party!) because I have to be at work tomorrow. But thankfully I'm off Friday so there might be some bumpin' parties happening we can go to Thursday night (All Saints Parties are a thing, right?) and Friday we're watching Skyfall, which is one of the films I've been really looking forward to this year. So far I've done a good job of not listening to Adele's theme to the film - want to wait until I see it in the film. They're always better like that anyway. Not had much time for films, though. I accomplished my one and only (easy-to-achieve) new year's resolution of watching 200 films I hadn't yet seen the other day - my 200th film being Killer Klowns from Outer Space. A classic to end it with. Now I'm 203, having seen Layer Cake and No Country for Old Men as a sort of get-hyped-for-Skyfall marathon. (Speaking of, I read a great joke the other day:

"I kicked the new Bond villain out of my bar last night"
"Javier Bardem?"
"No, he can come back when he's sober")


For what little time I might have when I get home, I get a hell of lot during work. As a lot of it is supervising students there's a lot of time to write or whatever so I've been getting through a lot of novel writing, which might not be amazing right now but it's still a first draft. It's being boosted by the fact I'm doing a lot of reading too (in the last month or so I've read Child of God, Carter Beats the Devil, The Thirty-Nine Steps and am working through the Hobbit and Life of Pi right now) which is always a motivational boost

And that comic I did quickly the other day, as a way of doing something in Photoshop, made it to the Hot Page of 9gag, and ended up with over 28,000 likes and 50,000 views. So that's pretty awesome, non? Though it wasn't even that fantastic.

Nothing new to report, though really soon I want some headway on a short film screenplay which I can do in my down time. I've sent business cards to be printed (finally) and am making DVDs of my work, and I'll be sending them to companies all over London. Watch this space. Eventually I'll be saying how awesome my new job is and all that.