Draw Something, Work Somewhere

I've become a bit apprehensive when it comes to talking about current and future projects. I think it might be because so many of them have gone nowhere that I end up looking back at blog posts and regret having them dropped, or become annoyed that the work I provided someone was never used. I animated a load of badgers for a music video about the badger cull back in May, but the video came out and there were no animated badgers. It kinda sucked, so I didn't say much about it. Maybe I should have, after all the work was done.

I've started to put more of the unused work on my CV, too. God knows why I  haven't, my CV looks like I haven't done a damn thing animation-worthy since I left university.

All that said, I'm somewhat more confident about the animated work I'm providing Size 13 films in a documentary about the Bilderberg Group. It's going to be a 2D-animated visualisation of how the interviewee was treated when he tried to gain access to the meeting. It's kinda funny actually, and although I have several minutes to do by myself, all hand drawn, I'm looking forward to it and there are a few months still. I did ten seconds over the last two days and if I can carry on that speed, which shouldn't be too difficult in the style I've chosen, it could end up quite good, in the finished product, and something worth mentioning for once. (Whatever happened to that animation about lizards? Gods know)

I hesitate to write about the pitch Wilson and I are writing for a competition Amazon Studios have, as they search for some original programming to play on their site. I won't hesitate to mention our short film, the script of which I have just finished writing today, which will be a quick crime thriller the gimmick of which will be the entire thing (or rather, most of it), will be in four-way split screen. It's a tough concept to work around, especially as it'll be in real time for the most part and everyone's actions affect everyone else's. A lot of stuff to figure out, but if we can time it right and get it so it visually works and easy to follow, then it could be great.

The only reason I have so much time for this right now is because I've managed to get a week off work. After this though, the schedule resets and I never have the time for anything. Who wants to get me a proper job? I don't mind much what it is, just get me in a studio, guys.

I've probably complained enough, so here's a picture of Audrey Hepburn I drew today, between other projects. It's nice to take a break from drawing by ... well, drawing.

Regular updates will return! I promise! (He said, multiple times before)