Pitch Perfect

Sometimes the best way to make something certain is by writing about it. After all, if you read something you make it a fixed point in time, so writing it has to be the first step to doing so.

Over the next several months, Wilson and I are going to be creating, bit by bit, an entire animated world, with cast, and story, to pitch at conventions - we already have a couple we want to go to - so we have come up with a twenty-one-point plan from now until the end of October 2015. It sounds like a hell of a long time, but with the amount of work we're going to be putting into this, it doesn't even seem like nearly enough. For example, we're spending the next month and a half designing the main location, another two months on a second important location, and so on. One month per character, another month for all the side ones, and before you know it we have almost two years of developmental work in front of us. Here are some really early sketches, from before we started doing this properly:

Needless to say it doesn't look much like that anymore. But that was where it started. I'll be updating things monthly or something over at http://weirdgods.blogspot.com as things progress. As you can assume, the show will be called Weird Gods. It'll be about ... well, I'll explain the story later. The story will begin to be developed over on that site although I doubt I won't be updating on here anyway.

The last fortune cookie I opened said "Well done is better than well said" Now let's get some stuff done