30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day Thirty

Day 30 - A Congrats Banner for Finishing

It's a bit old and tattered, because this whole thing took me quite a while to finish, but I think the soda's still good. Right, now to do some real work. Expect an actual, real blog entry soon! Woo


30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day Twenty-Two

Day 22 - Something You Need

 After spending ages trying to decide what to draw, I realised, I really needed some tea. Preferably in my Mickey Mouse mug.

 (This is supposed to be Day 23, apparently, but whatever, I switched them up)

30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day Nineteen

Day 19 - Something New

I had a couple of ideas for this (one of which was the box for Arkham City - that game's taken up my entire weekend), but ended up drawing the characters for my upcoming project, Once a Thief.


30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day Twelve

Day 12 - Your Most Recent Accomplishment

The comic I did over the summer, for a couple of friends, which can be found on my Google+ page here. It still needs some editing, but I know I've reached a point where I'm just gonna leave it. The short story I wrote first (to structure it) can be found in the Downloads tab.


30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day Eleven

Day 11 - Turning Point in Your Life

I'm uploading this a day late, because I was a bit tired yesterday, and didn't have the energy to do this whole thing. This was when I left New Zealand to come back here, which was definitely probably one of the major turning points of my life.

Also, yeah, my sister should also be in this picture

And a new (real) blog entry tomorrow! Promise!