It reminds me of Milky Way

It's raining right now, at 2:03 in the morning in England. This is a good thing, because it's been sweltering in America, with ludicrously bright sun (and the occasional very dramatic thunderstorm) and it was, to my disappoinment very hot when I returned to England. They say it's a heat spell. Or a heat wave. Or whatever they've called it. England lacks one very important thing: Three Musketeers bars. Yeah. Don't mess with their shit. It's also sad to note that a quick google image search resulted in roughly half of the images to be of the candy bar

Wine and Manhattan

I bought two albums the other day. One I've been waiting for since 2005 one I was never going to buy if Danver Braganza hadn't introduced me to Terry Pratchett (which then lead to me reading Neil Gaiman, following his blog then Twitter feed, which lead to me reading Amanda Palmer's Twitter feed). 21st Century Breakdown is an amazing album. Kinda brings me back to my teen angst years (OK, I didn't really have teen angst years, but more like a couple of years of contemplating having black hair cos it was cool and about a week in which I thought My Chemical Romance was cool) and I love how anthemic the songs are. I can't get enough of Viva La Gloria!, which just totally owns. The second album I can't decide whether it's better than 21st Century Breakdown. Who Killed Amanda Palmer is an absolutely brilliant album, this song in paticular. But anyway this isn't a CD review entry. I don't think any of them will ever be. God help me if it is. These two albums have though been the soundtrack to my week in the States. They won't be any more, cos my lovely, trustworthy Sennheiser headphones appear to have broken. This is a sad thing indeed. But in happier news, I'm in the self proclaimed greatest city in the world. You shouldn't measure life by the amount of breaths you take, but by the the things that take your breath away and walking out of the station and taking the first step in Broadway in Times Square, well, that really takes your breath away. Everything is so much bigger, namely the goddamn billboards which are too big, I don't even know if it's an ad or an actual shop. It's an amazing place though. Wouldn't mind living here at some point I always seem to have at least two glasses of wine a day where I am. It's lovely though. Staying with relatives. I didn't know I had so much extended family

Insert Bandit Keith reference here

Flying out to New York tomorrow, very very early. I have to be up in 3 and a half hours. I'm not sure if I should actually be sleeping now, or fight my tiredness till I get on the plane. But then I'll miss out on the free food, and that should just not happen. I was gonna post up a new story, but I haven't got the time to type it up from paper now. I'll work on it on the plane and if I can find some connection somewhere in the next month I'll post it up. I'm a bit annoyed cos I don't have a flash drive on me so I won't be able to use net cafes either. Either way, I'll try to keep this updated throughout the month of June, if not then expect a shit long one on July 2nd.