Perhaps some trail mix is in order

Why did I start this blog, is a question I just asked myself, and figured it was a good a reason as any to chuck another post up here. Eight whole (omg) posts on I wonder why I started it. I think I wanted to track down my progress from one state of affairs (me writing for the hell of it) to another state of affairs (me writing for someone who wants to pay me for my writing). Also, because it seems so many people have blogs it would be rude of me not to have one. It gives me the opportunity to write a bunch of crap I want to, as well, which is a plus. Mr.Children is a great band, by the way. One of the best Japanese rock groups I've heard in ages, although Dragon Ash still trumps. I Love Hip Hop = good song Maybe I should sleep or something, I was up all night doing various things, including creating a fabulous banner for a friend's blog which he didn't even end up using. S'all good, I'll use it for something else. It will go in the vault, like so many other photos, videos and drawings I've done and have decided to keep in hundreds of folders that are a horrendous labyrinth and all interlink. You could be surfing my documents for years if you're not well equipped.