An exciting week

Hey, it's the blog. I don't update you very often any more, but that's because there isn't a great deal to actually talk about, which means nothing new and exciting happens which is actually kinda good because I have a load of work to do, and only a fraction of it I actually want to do. This semester is going to be the sort of semester where everything I do is going to be forced and I won't enjoy much of it, but what the hell, that's what animation is all about.

So this entry isn't going to be very long at all. On a lighter note, I finally have enough Amazon vouchers to pre-order Final Fantasy XIIISpecial Edition and not have to pay a dime for it. See? That's the kind of exciting news I'm up for here

I'd love to get back into writing, or even drawing for fun, but this course is taking up way too much of my time now. But I'm working on some stuff. And it's gonna be insanely awesome. All I have to do is manage to work it around animating dragonflies (for intergrated project, which the blog is here), doing boring Rose Cooper classes which that cow in head office won't let me change to the fun one with people I know in it, and doing things for Greg's stop motion class which is the only decent one so far if someone hadn't mashed up my kick-ass model I'd been working for weeks

Ok, time for some fun things now, and I promise interesting shit to write about next time. Blog away!

Saving Daylight

Blog, we dont' talk about feelings as much as we should be. This is good, and let's remain that way for a while. Feelings shouldn't be put up on the internet. At least not mine anyway. People should check out my friend Chris's blog. No, not that one who I did the banner for like a year ago and he didn't do shit about it. It's a new Chris, and he might be sticking to it. He's yet to get into the feel of blogging, shit I think I still need to get into the feel of it, but have a read. It's like mine, only not as nicely designed and not by me. I was just in bed, but felt (see, we're talking about feelings) I had to get up and do things on the computer. I have done them, and now am blogging about having done them. Ho hum. I think I need some sleep. The world is lying to me by saying it's only half past two, but it's HALF PAST THREE (gasp!). Daylight savings is a sneaky bastard.

Insert Bandit Keith reference here

Flying out to New York tomorrow, very very early. I have to be up in 3 and a half hours. I'm not sure if I should actually be sleeping now, or fight my tiredness till I get on the plane. But then I'll miss out on the free food, and that should just not happen. I was gonna post up a new story, but I haven't got the time to type it up from paper now. I'll work on it on the plane and if I can find some connection somewhere in the next month I'll post it up. I'm a bit annoyed cos I don't have a flash drive on me so I won't be able to use net cafes either. Either way, I'll try to keep this updated throughout the month of June, if not then expect a shit long one on July 2nd.

Perhaps some trail mix is in order

Why did I start this blog, is a question I just asked myself, and figured it was a good a reason as any to chuck another post up here. Eight whole (omg) posts on I wonder why I started it. I think I wanted to track down my progress from one state of affairs (me writing for the hell of it) to another state of affairs (me writing for someone who wants to pay me for my writing). Also, because it seems so many people have blogs it would be rude of me not to have one. It gives me the opportunity to write a bunch of crap I want to, as well, which is a plus. Mr.Children is a great band, by the way. One of the best Japanese rock groups I've heard in ages, although Dragon Ash still trumps. I Love Hip Hop = good song Maybe I should sleep or something, I was up all night doing various things, including creating a fabulous banner for a friend's blog which he didn't even end up using. S'all good, I'll use it for something else. It will go in the vault, like so many other photos, videos and drawings I've done and have decided to keep in hundreds of folders that are a horrendous labyrinth and all interlink. You could be surfing my documents for years if you're not well equipped.