Well, I think I've done everything I need for the year, course-wise. There's an end-of-year show I need to prepare for, but that's more or less it.

My showreel is up on Youtube, although I'm not entirely pleased with it. There are clips from early this year, such as all the Spring Heeled jack stuff (although the graveyard render has reworked textures and lights), and there's loads of stuff I want to animate and put into it. I might come out with a better, improved showreel in September or January (as a 2012 one).

For example, I'm thinking of doing a large-scale city exterior. It's pretty damn difficult. (The top one is a three-layered render, with varying degrees of lens blur for depth).

But if I can get this done, it'll look super-sweet in my showreel.

Still there it is, and for what it's worth I'm actually quite pleased with it. I've put it up in the Gallery section of my blog, too, so people can see it when they're browsing my work.

I'll be going home for a week on Tuesday for my birthday and I'll be leaving behind my computer and everything, so I won't get to do a lot of anything except reading and drawing or something. None of the people I know back home will be there, either, until the summer, so it'll be a pretty quiet week.

Oh, and if you guys haven't been watching Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza, you're missing the fuck out.