Jonathan Bayley

my name is jonathan bayley and it doesn't always seem like I'm trying to make a pyramid of cards out of what can only be some sort of whole grain cracker, you know what I'm saying? It's not always the same, but sometimes you just gotta find someone you don't like and tell them so. I mean sometimes it just seems like I'm running right round like a record baby right round, right round, but sometimes it isn't just what I imagine. Life can sometimes be a cruel nasty heartless bitch that eats your liver and then replaces it a box of sand. Who knows what can happen when you decide to eat a chocolate and it turns out that it's filled with toothpaste instead of nougat. Life is more like a box of scorpions. They're all gonna climb out and sting you, but only one of about fifty million of them isn't actually poisonous. Chances are someone's gonna climb up your wall and murder you in the night, so it may as well be you who's doing the murdering. Who's murdering the murderer? We all are