Motivation Proclamation


I''ve been trying to write a blog post for about two weeks now, and have kept getting caught in the more important things in life like watching TV or doing jack shit. After work it's tough to keep in any frame of mind to do anything productive.

So it's always a bit of a miracle that I've managed to do anything, for that matter. Like for instance, I've been advancing bit by bit in this sci fi thriller I've been on-and-off writing for months (three chapters and maybe 25 pages down!), and a month or so back I drew this:

 -  a poster for one of my favourite trilogies of all time. That took a surprisingly long time to do, especially considering after Tony Leung, Andy Lau and maybe Anthony Wong's characters, references for everyone else was a nightmare to find. I'm quite happy with it, with maybe one or two characters which I don't think look amazingly like they did in the film. 

After that I started animating again (after the project about lizards fell apart - see two blog entries back), this time on something of my own creation. It's going to be a James Bond opening sequence for the book Devil May Care, by Sebastian Faulks, which was the first James Bond book written after Ian Fleming's death that follows the continuity that he had set up, so it seemed like a logical story to use. Here are the first few seconds I uploaded to youtube. There's a fair bit more now, but I still to find another minute of inspiration and I've used up most of the story's imagery in the first few seconds (there's poppies for the opium smuggling side of the story, and a bit later in the animation, not shown in the video here, planes fly overheard which represent another part of the story where Bond gets framed for crashing an airliner).

Here is the video, as of last month: (I don't want to upload it again until it's finished, but I don't know when that will be, I've been awful super busy lately)

Really want to get it finished though. Be nice to have something new to show

BUT I've been so busy moving house - I'm still living with my sister and her boyfriend Stu but this time my old collaborator and long time friend Wilson is down now too, and we're already discussing projects to work on. Most of them, to no surprise to anyone knows us at all, are about Batman.

Tomorow's my first day off work in about ten days, so I'm going to take as much advantage of it as I can, and get really creative again.


A quick one, from atop a mountain of work

Tomorrow I need to hand in all my work, because I'm leaving the country for a month on  Monday and won't have time to do it then, so I have one day to finish everything. Hurrah. However, it seems it'll be just fine though as all I seem to have left to do is an essay.

This link here is my Girl Anachronism music video, on youtube.  And these two here are for these posters I did, for he sole purpose of not having to do any more work. 

Like when I went to the States, I have no idea if I'll be able to update the blog at all while there but I'll certainly try. If not, again, expect a hell long one at the beginning of June.

Integrated Project - Sheffield

Integrated Project video I was talking about last post, but didn't seem to link well. Here it is, and it's awesome. The dragonfly bit was mine, and other people I know did the rest, but it was a really good team effort. A side note, though: the musicians credited at the end should be The Hitchcock Rules but there was error in communication there. Anyway, enjoy and leave a comment.

Enter Tyler Durden

I can't sleep, and this is awful, because I have a class in little under 7 hours. Light seeps in through my curtain at the bit I can't close and it makes the room just too light to sleep in, it's too hot to put the cover over my eyes without choking to death and I can hear, slowly creeping into my skull in a slow and sullen but albeit irritating sounds of bass somewhere filling my brain with not so much sounds but an entire cacophony of bullshit. So I thought I'd write a blog and fall asleep at my computer like they do in the movies. It won't be nearly as restful but it won't be nearly as irritating either. I yawn, but I do not sleep. Sounds like the beginning of a pretty bad riddle.

So I figure I'll try to work for a bit. Tomorrow's lesson is probably the last one I can ask questions about my presentation before I have to do it and seeing I have no idea if what I've been working on is a good idea, maybe I'll just finish it and not tell the teacher about it, so she can't tell me what to improve. It's a bad, defeatist attitude, but in reality it's a "I don't really give a shit any more" kind of attitude.

I posted up the work in progress that is my Amanda Palmer's music video for Girl Anachronism onto Youtube. Its obviously not finished, missing about half of the footage, but it's getting there.

Another video I want to post is this hauntingly beautiful piece from a musical about Dracula called Entre L'amour et la Mort. It's amazing.

There's an artist on my iTunes called "artist". The album under that name is titled "title", the genre "default", the song "Track 02" (makes you wonder what happened to the first one), and the lyrics are pretty undefinable. A mystery indeed. Android music identifier Shazam isn't any help though, so I've taken the few lyrics I can get and googled them. Turns out it's "THE TRANSCENDENTAL DEDUCTION of the Pure Concepts of Understanding. by Immanuel Kant Translation by Roderick T. Long Music and vocals by Paul L. Fine ." whatever the fuck that is.

Ok, time to stare blankly at the screen till I drop for a few minutes. I feel like Edward Norton at the start of Fight Club

Behold the world's worst accident

So I've spent most of Easter holidays working on a music video for the Dresden Dolls' song Girl Anachronism. I have to do a minute of it, but I've barely got thirty seconds so far, and the aim of the assignment is to use a mix of 2D, 3D and stop motion, which wouldn't be so hard but the problem is I don't have the faintest idea what to do. I have these two clips here online at the moment. 

Also I'm working on a presentation and essay on the treatment of women in comic books which isn't going too smoothly as I don't really know what's acceptable for a pass grade in this class. It's about visual representations of things and buzzwords like discourse and context and none of it appeals to me at all so I'll be lucky to scrape a pass. Oh well

Also thinking on ideas for my big animation project for next year, and I really want to email a load of voice actors and see if any get back to me about doing a small voice part for a student film. I've heard some people managed to get them just because the actors like doing favours. I'll see if I strike lucky.

Now for some sleep and a more interesting post later

Friend on the Other Side

I watched the Princess and Frog the other day, and it put my faith back in Disney. I thought the whole company had decided "fuck it, we're making enough money mulching off Pixar and those oh-so-amazing sequels", after all, who didn't love Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, or Ariel's Beginning, or the amazing Stitch has a Glitch. But then Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter decided that Disney was beginning to look like a stinking pile of shit (with Disney even announcing at some point that Home on the Range would be their last 2D canon piece) and so Princess and the Frog was born. And it has a kick-ass soundtrack.

Good call, John Lasseter. This is why I love you. Actually, this is one of many reasons I love you. Here's an article that's basically parroting all my thoughts. 


So the film was totally awesome, but I'm not going to say why. Here's a review I wrote on it . It was given "very useful" ratings all around so it's probably got something good in it. I sort of hope it inspires other companies to start doing the old 2D animation again, because I'd hate for it to carry on in its Requiem for a Dream spiral, barely grasping on while 3D tears it to shreds with Wolverine claws. I really want to do 2D animation. 

OK, one more episode of House, then I'm going to sleep.

Oh, and check out my picture of Princess and the Frog baddie Dr Facilier I drew. It's totally rad

"Mike Wazowski!"

I forgot how awesome Monsters Inc. is. It's funny as hell. And Hell is totally hilarious, dont' you know.    Today my friend had his birthday party. He was turning 21 and hired out some of the ol' Common Room bar for the frivolities. People dressed up as animated characters. Others did not. Ironically enough those people were the ones who did the animation course. I dressed up as "animated me" which involved painting big cartoon eyes on myself. I looked a total tit. It was soon rubbed off

God, look at all those snow particles interacting with that fur. That must have taken ages to render.    Oh wow. I wasn't wrong: "It normally took 11 to 12 hours to render a single frame of Sulley because of his 2.3 million individually animated hair strands (Total number of hairs: 2,320,413)."    That's right fellow animators, eleven to twelve hours for one fucking frame. I can't even begin to imagine that. Jesus Christ it took half an hour for my thing to render today and I thought it took a long time.

I'm really tempted to stay up all night and write or something, but we all know that would be silly. For those of you who follow my Twitter you'd have seen this, a picture I drew of Amanda Palmer

I also did this.

Eleven to twelve hours. One frame. It still boggles the mind

Christmas countdown: 3 weeks!