One thrilling day involving pencils

I have spent the day drawing How I Met Your Mother characters, because it's been that sort of day, and I want to do some fan art for something aside from Marvel comics (something I've decided I cannot do no matter what, except for this one picture which I did with my friend a few months ago), and I've just finished watching the season 4 finale, and it's pretty fuckin sweet. I'm heading back to England in a week, which means I get my big monitor and art tablet which is a good thing for me because I miss them and want to do more art. Art!

Antichrist Superstar

I thought I'd post this up. It's a poem about the end of the world. Lovely stuff, no? Here it is I did an entire project on it for college, too, illustrating it. The cover of which can be found here. I wish I could write more things like this, I had quite a lot of fun with it...