My life according to Belle and Sebastian

Ok, so this was on Facebook some time back, but I just re-read it, and it amused me a bit, so I figured I'd post it up on here for the hell of it, really. You're meant to answer the questions using song titles from the band of your choice. If you people aren't familiar with Belle & Sebastian ... well, you're probably very normal people. ------- Pick your Artist: Belle and Sebastian Are you a male or female: I'm a Cuckoo Describe yourself: Wrapped Up In Books How do you feel: Like Dylan in the Movies Describe where you currently live: Mornington Cresent If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Beyond the sunrise Your favourite form of transportation: Dog on Wheels Your best friend is: Mr Richard You and your best friends are: We are the sleepyheads What's the weather like: Waiting for the moon to rise Favourite time of day: Night Walk If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Women's Realm What is life to you: Fiction Your relationship: I don't love anyone Your fear: Wandering Alone What is the best advice you have to give: Take your carriage clock and shove it Thought for the Day: Get me away from here I'm dying How I would like to die: Act of the Apostle My soul's present condition: Beautiful My motto: Fuck this shit


This was something that was sent to me on Facebook some time back, but I only just got around to doing it, and thought it was quite interesting. Instead of boring you with the badly written instructions on the facebook forward, basically what you do is write ten things that you believe in. Simple enough --------- I believe.... 1. there is no sin except stupidity, and that all art is quite useless Both of those are Oscar Wilde quotes.. 2. that nature will, against constant scientific progress, ultimately win 3. that mankind is slowly killing itself, but we may as well enjoy the ride while we can 4. that everyone needs to believe in something 5. that hope is the only thing driving us forward 6. in God, but I'm not his biggest fan 7. that in retrospect life is a total waste of time, but in a good way, like watching Gilmore Girls while no one's around 8. in magic and miracles 9 in the power of stories 10 that in ten years, I probably won't believe these things anyway ---------- There, blog. That's a close to talking about feelings as we'll ever get.