Last of the Heroes

There's a story, which came to me in 2005. It featured a lot of gods, a powerful wizard, some less powerful wizards and few wizards that were more powerful than the first one mentioned. The heroes of the story weren't wizards though and were perfectly ordinary. Althougb two of them had a magic power, and one was a "mage" (not to be confused with a wizard though, mind you) and then there was in fact a wizard in the team. But he wasn't a full wizard. Whoever was left over I'm fairly certain were ordinary human beings with no magical abilities whatsoever, but it's so hard to be sure in my head. Oh yes, I had a point. The story was formed slowly from doodle after doodle. The two main characters (the ones with the magical powers but aren't wizards. Try to follow) had been created in a half-delusional state whilst catching up with some Media Studies work and being made to sit in a tiny room with two of my friends watching the Matrix, the year before. They had ridiculous names (Gord Marann and Shara [last name forgotten]) but somehow they stuck. The main villain evolved, and then devolved and then disappeared for a while, but returned shortly after and nothing much had changed from when I had first created him. But aside from all that I created a story about the world possibly being destroyed if someone didn't stop the NINE TITANS, the great big evil elements, from returning and making a mess all over the place.There's a back story, see, where these nine elements are all siblings but they fight and the world goes all awry and then they eventually kill each other one way or another. It was a good story, at the time, and it is a good story now. But they are, in one way or another, completely different. The first story was one I set out to write cos I was bored and wanted to put this thought down somewhere, and then it evolved (but didn't devolve. not much anyway) and I finished it in 2006 sometime. But by that time, I thought that the first part of the story sucked because I couldn't write to save my life at the time, so I rewrote it, then I rewrote the second part and now I look at it and think damn, this needs some rewriting. I changed the title from something that looked ToA:LotBR (when abbreviated) to Onslaught of Darkbishop to Onslaught and now it's become Last of the Heroes. The second part is still called One Tin Soldier. I don't plan on changing that just yet. So will I ever be happy with this piece? Probably. I have thought of a few changes here and there to make the idea less like Lord of the Rings meets a weekly trip to Fantasy Cliches 101 and more like Something Original By Basil Baradaran. I'll get it right one day. Hopefully soon. I have an entire armoury of ideas (completely original, this time) I want to throw onto this world and it doesn't feel right starting the series with something other than this.