Bluh Bluh Black Sheep

Today, I tried to update my blog in Japanese. Then I realised I didn't know much of the vocab or anything and wasn't bothered looking it up. I could have done "今日は, blogが 日本語to try to update が、できません" but that would have looked stupid.

I'm almost done with that wretched animation. I'll post it up here when I'm done. It probably would be if I didn't end up spending all my time watching Whose Line is it Anyway which is still like the best thing on TV, if it was still on TV. 

It's gonna be one of those blog entries where I start it because there's something I wanted to say or something, then I forget and up rambling on. Bluh. I kinda want to write a letter to Future me, like they did in last night's How I Met Your Mother. It would be kurazy. 


I'm going home in a week for Christmas. Woo (but also, shit! because I have no work completed)! I still haven't printed off my ticket. But I have no presents to give to any one and that kind of annoys me. Last year I bought them all in like September, mainly because I happened along a bunch of shit in the shop and thought "well why not. I have money now".  That and the cool tshirt I got my sister was going 2 for £20 and I wanted the Joker one for myself. 

OK I'm going to go to bed, now. Because it's late and last time it was this late I didn't end up sleeping at all, and then I went to bed at 10pm the following night and woke up at half past fucking one. Thrills.

Countdown to Christmas: Oh, I don't know. Figure it out yourself

Oh look, an update

Blog. It's been like a week since I last updated you. For this I apologise. My computer's still on the brink, and it's not good as I don't get an awful lot of anything done, because as I have realised my entire creative career pretty much relies on having computers around, for writing, drawing or communicating. I've had to make do with phones and paper and stuff. What a world we live in. I need to send the damn thing off the get fixed, but I only just got my files back yesterday off the guy who spent 4 days doing what was essentially a two hour job. The other reason I haven't blogged is because there isn't an awful lot to blog about. It's the summer and everything's quiet and I actually haven't tried to do anything. I have spent the last few days playing games I haven't played in years, but not the cool asian mystery game or anything, more like Final Fantasy X. I've been planning a lot of this comic (or graphic novel as is the vernaculer) which I plan on doing with Wilson, about a guy who wanders and helps people out. But right now all I really have is a weak story and a lot of drawings involving a man wearing a fedora and a big coat, assuring me that this will in no way have any cliches.

This blog entry contains ....... lyrics

I'm going to open with LYRICS, people
In the queue for lunch they take the piss, you've got no appetite And the rumour is you never go with boys and you are tight So they jab you with a fork, you drop the tray and go berserk While your cleaning up the mess the teacher's looking up your skirt ... Tell Veronica the secrets of the boy you never kissed She's got everything to gain because she's a fat girl with a lisp She sticks up for you when you get aggravation from the snobs Because you can't afford a blazer, girl, you're always wearing clogs
It's Expectations by Belle & Sebastian. It's only two of the verses. 6 of them, I think there are. They've been stuck in my head all day. The whole song has, in fact, and I thought I'd share them so everyone else would get that in their heads. I've listened to barrage and barrage of songs to get them out of my head. Nothing works. Right now, I have Meat Loaf blaring in my ears. Up next, Mr Children. All this is making me somewhat drowsy and unproductive. Perhaps today will be one of those days when ... *shudder* I do nothing? This blog entry's taken me like four hours to do so far. I wrote about a sentence before doing something else, then going back to this, then went to Tesco for the sole reason that it was outside, then wrote a bit more, and now I've just come back from my dinner and am typing more than I have done today. It's also going nowhere. I'm certain i had a good reason for clicking on the "add post" button, but I can't for the life of me think of why. Oh well. It's Saint Patrick's Day today, and people seem to embrace it as an excuse to get drunk. Since when have people needed that? I am not going out, which is probably a good thing cos I can barely stand this medium volume Mr Children tonight. I wish it wasn't 9. If I go to bed now I'll wake up at 3 in the morning. In more positive news, I have figured out my steps to being a writer. It involves doing it for free first. See THIS or THIS (the first one is still unfinished, about a year since I started writing it). They're sketches I wrote for Gang Show (for those not street enough, it's an amatuer non-profit stage production of debatebly funny sketche and song-and-dance numbers done by the scouting association). Having been in two myself, I thought I'd try my hand at writing sketches which is surprisingly tough, especially the first premise bit. My plan (although plans never work. Ever.) is to give these sketches to the GS, thus making me "semi-published"(a performed playwright, though, technically, as people will be paying to see it) and thus have a sort of "background" in writing, which will look good when I start doing that stuff I'm not going to do for years. I think a night-walk is required here. It shall clear my head. I shall clean my room first a bit, so that it's all nice when I come back. If this doesn't work, I'll head to bed with my copy of The Jungle Book, which is a really damn good book I have to admit. I reccomend people go read it now if they're only familiar with the Disney version (although prepare to read something completely different).