This was something that was sent to me on Facebook some time back, but I only just got around to doing it, and thought it was quite interesting. Instead of boring you with the badly written instructions on the facebook forward, basically what you do is write ten things that you believe in. Simple enough --------- I believe.... 1. there is no sin except stupidity, and that all art is quite useless Both of those are Oscar Wilde quotes.. 2. that nature will, against constant scientific progress, ultimately win 3. that mankind is slowly killing itself, but we may as well enjoy the ride while we can 4. that everyone needs to believe in something 5. that hope is the only thing driving us forward 6. in God, but I'm not his biggest fan 7. that in retrospect life is a total waste of time, but in a good way, like watching Gilmore Girls while no one's around 8. in magic and miracles 9 in the power of stories 10 that in ten years, I probably won't believe these things anyway ---------- There, blog. That's a close to talking about feelings as we'll ever get.

Saving Daylight

Blog, we dont' talk about feelings as much as we should be. This is good, and let's remain that way for a while. Feelings shouldn't be put up on the internet. At least not mine anyway. People should check out my friend Chris's blog. No, not that one who I did the banner for like a year ago and he didn't do shit about it. It's a new Chris, and he might be sticking to it. He's yet to get into the feel of blogging, shit I think I still need to get into the feel of it, but have a read. It's like mine, only not as nicely designed and not by me. I was just in bed, but felt (see, we're talking about feelings) I had to get up and do things on the computer. I have done them, and now am blogging about having done them. Ho hum. I think I need some sleep. The world is lying to me by saying it's only half past two, but it's HALF PAST THREE (gasp!). Daylight savings is a sneaky bastard.