Oh, my computer finally works again. Recently I thought it was a good idea to reformat the whole thing, but then I forgot to get all my drivers ready and then my computer didn't work very well for ages, and because I didn't have the LAN networking one the drivers all downloaded stupidly slowly. The whole thing was rather embarrassing. And now I installed World of Warcraft ( there's a fully justified reason for this, don't worry guys) and the game decided to rape the shit out of my video card drivers, which I spent all of yesterday fixing. Yeah, fuck you Intel and your obscure download file names. But now everything's all right and I can blog again. Hooray.

There's this module next year that is about virtual worlds, but apparently is just gonna be everyone playing World of Warcraft, and seeing I never have played it and everyone else seems to be an expert in it, I figure I could start now and do a bit of catch up so I'm not a total retard come the new year.


I went and saw Alice in Wonderland the other day which was surprisingly good. I wrote a review for it here. As good as it was, it kind of fucked up this little Alice in Wonderland-esque poem I was planning for some time. So I might put it away for a bit and go over it next year or something. In the meanwhile these three pages here is the complete Dial M For Mephistopheles. I really wanted to have it done in PDF format but I can't, or have no idea how to, do that on bloody blogger, so it's in shitty text format. Enjoy folks. 

I'm going to retire and play some more Final Fantasy XIII, which I bought today very early on because it's the sort of thing that I've been waiting for for frickin ages and can totally justify playing endless hours of it because I'm studying animation. Animation rocks. So does this game in fact. They never said anything about the story, and most of the hype went towards the graphics and fight sequences but it's got a pretty good plot. Check it out if you can. Or buy a PS3 cos it's totally worth it.


An exciting week

Hey, it's the blog. I don't update you very often any more, but that's because there isn't a great deal to actually talk about, which means nothing new and exciting happens which is actually kinda good because I have a load of work to do, and only a fraction of it I actually want to do. This semester is going to be the sort of semester where everything I do is going to be forced and I won't enjoy much of it, but what the hell, that's what animation is all about.

So this entry isn't going to be very long at all. On a lighter note, I finally have enough Amazon vouchers to pre-order Final Fantasy XIIISpecial Edition and not have to pay a dime for it. See? That's the kind of exciting news I'm up for here

I'd love to get back into writing, or even drawing for fun, but this course is taking up way too much of my time now. But I'm working on some stuff. And it's gonna be insanely awesome. All I have to do is manage to work it around animating dragonflies (for intergrated project, which the blog is here), doing boring Rose Cooper classes which that cow in head office won't let me change to the fun one with people I know in it, and doing things for Greg's stop motion class which is the only decent one so far if someone hadn't mashed up my kick-ass model I'd been working for weeks

Ok, time for some fun things now, and I promise interesting shit to write about next time. Blog away!