Another day

New Year came and went and now it's just another day, part of another year, all of which kind of don't matter really unless you had any appointments then. Then again, when it's all cold and the nights are long, you really need something to celebrate.

People woke up on New Year's day to find that the world hadn't changed much, and went about their daily lives. The night before promises were made, most of which will be broken in a few weeks, kisses were exchanged and celebrations had. Now it was morning, and, as everyone realised, it was just another morning.

Still, there's something promising about a new year. It's almost like you can start fresh. You can't. Nobody does. But it's nice to feel like there is.


So I didn't end up doing much drawing over the last week of 2010, and I never got around to doing a "last picture of 2010", which was a bit of a bummer.

Well, I did do this, all part of the Toil and Trouble project. It's the main Crone's head, and is finally finished. It occurs to me, once term starts again, that I really need to kick shit off again and actually start working fast, because there's no way I'm gonna have everything modeled and rigged in time if I don't.

So here's the picture:

That screenshot doesn't have the bumpmap, and is a slightly older render, but I don't wanna open 3DS Max again

The next few days I have to render out a certain scene with many different textures and stuff, which is sort of coming along nicely, only it takes an age and a half to render because of all the stuff I've got, and all the lighting and what have you.

Here's one of the earlier renders:

Now to do it with a bunch of other light sources.


And that is it for the moment. All that is left is for me to wish you a happy new year. I invite you to look back at 2011, the year you still haven't had yet, and see all the amazing things you did.