Painting Pixels

Eesh, I haven't posted anything on here in a little while, probably mainly because I haven't all that much happening. Still in the summer holidays there are about three weeks now until I move back up and start my final year, a year I still am not prepared for at all. But we'll get there when we get there.
While I should have been working on my 3DS Max or, heaven forbid, Maya work, I've been doing a lot of Photoshop painting and drawing lately. Gotta admit, I'm loving the progress I've done since I started this "painting" style.
Firstly, a picture of my friend Gill in a zombie survival setting. I made it because she thought it would be cool to have a picture of herself like that. Whatever.
This second one I drew for a Twitter follower, as a thank you for sending me something she painted herself. It was an art exchange, but I got lazy and thought to send it electronically.
It's sushi, because I didn't know what else to do.
By the way, if those images aren't loading if you click on them, go to my gallery tab and check them out in my "Photoshop Work" slideshow
I wish there was more I could be saying about things, but nothing is happening. I'm almost at the finishing point of the comic I've been doing since April and the first chapter is up on my Google Plus page, I dunno if I've mentioned that before. But there it is.
This is a part of what I've just done tonight:
And I'm still working through various ideas for an animated piece for next year.
There'll be a lot more on that in the future, and there were some articles I was gonna link that I found interesting, about animation and stuff, but I dunno what they are anymore. So for the moment, I'm gonna say goodnight

Queer Ghosts 2: Queer Harder

Ok, this is a bit of an inside joke. I don't often talk about inside jokes because no one else understands them (that's sort of the whole point), but I'm putting this up, because it's the most retarded thing I've ever done on photoshop. And I've done some retarded things on Photoshop. It started out as a "who can make the Ghost Town poster into a horror poster" (the origin of which is another in-joke. See, this is why I don't talk about in-jokes. It's just one long trail of them) and whilst Wilson made a really subtle scary thing, I made something which looked like Sweeney Todd meets the Office, but in the worst possible way. So, giving up, I made Queer Ghosts, which involved making Ricky Gervais into some Gamorrean-like thing, and Greg Kinnear into some clown mime thing. Fuck knows what it is.

It's an evil f*cking room...

Amazing. How technology does advance, doesn't it? I spied some new options on blogger, just as I was clicking on "add post", and now I can text a blog entry and email one in. It's probably an option that's been there for some time but I never seem to notice these things first off. I'm watching 1408 this very minute and it's actually a very good film, and the first half is surprisingly scary. Shame it's dragging on a bit though. John Cusack is a very silly man. This is a room that scares Samuel L Jackson. This must be indication enough that this room is the most evil and terrifying place on Earth. ... Anyway I can't quite remember what I was supposed to be blogging about today. But anyway, I started a graphic novel yesterday, which is pretty cool, cos I've never done one before. I know exactly how this will go though; I've tried doing comics before, nothing serious or anything, but they always start great with me one page into it, thinking it's awesome, and then forgetting all about it the next day. But then again I thought about that for this blog and it's been going for 2 months, which is a big surprise and I am quite happy with that. As soon as something interesting actually happens I will be sure to blog incessively about it. Now I'm wondering if I used the word 'incessively' right, or if it's a real word at all, or if it is a real word but I just can't spell it. But anyway, upon walking home on Easter Sunday at six in the morning after a very good night out (and forgetting there are no buses or anything really at 6 on Easter Sunday), I started taking photos of buildings and roads and such. I'm trying to compile a set of photos of anything, mainly scenery, so that I can use them for reference when I'm drawing (such as for this graphic novel. I find I give up when I realise there are things I still can't draw to save my life) or to photoshop or something. Lord knows I have dozens of photos of graveyards already, which I used for a set of poster which are up at deviantart here and here Basically I figure the more images I take, the more stuff I can do without having to rip off any one else's photo (like I did for my friend Chris's blog banner - a blog which looks forgotten and sad, much like the twitter feed- ... there used to be text on that banner, too. Oh well). I don't have a photo of Earth from space though and I doubt I will any time soon, so I think I can be forgiven for that. I've photoshopped it enough now it could be any photo of our planet. Film just finished. It wasn't too bad. Alternate ending better than theatrical? I will never know, as I haven't seen the theatrical ending. This one had another shot of Sammy L J, so it's probably better.

Perhaps some trail mix is in order

Why did I start this blog, is a question I just asked myself, and figured it was a good a reason as any to chuck another post up here. Eight whole (omg) posts on I wonder why I started it. I think I wanted to track down my progress from one state of affairs (me writing for the hell of it) to another state of affairs (me writing for someone who wants to pay me for my writing). Also, because it seems so many people have blogs it would be rude of me not to have one. It gives me the opportunity to write a bunch of crap I want to, as well, which is a plus. Mr.Children is a great band, by the way. One of the best Japanese rock groups I've heard in ages, although Dragon Ash still trumps. I Love Hip Hop = good song Maybe I should sleep or something, I was up all night doing various things, including creating a fabulous banner for a friend's blog which he didn't even end up using. S'all good, I'll use it for something else. It will go in the vault, like so many other photos, videos and drawings I've done and have decided to keep in hundreds of folders that are a horrendous labyrinth and all interlink. You could be surfing my documents for years if you're not well equipped.

Dibbs is a bastard

Photoshop is annoying. Gragh. Or maybe it's my drawing skill. Nah. It's definitely photoshop, and my mate for not supplying high def pictures of the character I'm doing the poster of. Also, I need to buy a new computer mouse, not cos I threw it across the room (as it was broken before. honest). At least I'm getting a few hundred words written a day (an amazing 1,000 done yesterday) so hopefully I'll be getting Dial M 2 and Maze done before summer, although that's probably wishful thinking A second rant for the day: why is Coraline taking so long to come out over the UK? May? I mean, come on, it's an English book ... well, English author anyway. That and Dragonball are the two movies I'm looking forward to this year